29 april 2010


At this very moment, Jan is at the Iranian embassy in the Hague, trying to get our visa..
We fly in 4 hours...

Jan keeps me updated:
10:39 " It's my turn now, he goes to the back, spannend!"
10:42 " have a seat please"
10:56 " ambassy guy: the one who usually does these things, will be here between 2 and 4. Jan: I'll be in a plane by then" Ambassy guy: "I'll have another word"

23 april 2010

You get yourself into these crazy adventures where all of a sudden you are subcribed to be an assistent teamleader to a bunch of guys who like to cycle, and who like to cycle fast, specially when it is in crazy places like Iran. Don't ask me how I got into this situation, I just know that I am very anxious to go.

No, I have never been an assistant teamleader, I have never even seen a cycling pro tour from upclose, beside the few times I turned on the tv to see Contador winning a stage during the Tour de France. But I have been to Iran before. And I think that, and of course my love for cycling, got me into this happening (And me telling Jan that I really wanted t come with him when he told me he was about to go cycling in Iran)

What will happen, nobody knows. Apparently next week, I will be in a plane with Jan (who got me into this and is now a professional cyclists), Casper (professional marathon skater and for this event professional cyclist) and Janneke (team leader) flying to Tehran. Hopefully we'll meet the other three cyclist, who just finished a cycling tour in Thailand (?) over there.

From then, it's all a big surprise. The thought of spending at least 10 days in a car following our team and handing them out some energy, spare tires or some hope about making the finish does scare me a bit...but then again, imagine two European women following a peleton of 50 men with their head scarf waving out of the carwindow...

Maybe it will all give me a new view of Iran and it's people. Because a lot happened there in the Islamic republic the past 2 years and it's a viewpoint I will not very often have...so better use it.

You love sports, you love bikes, you love unknown cultures... you go to Iran to be an assistent teamleader and take it as it comes...

I better go and search for my scarf

20 april 2010

My newest adventure

Assistent teamleader at the 25th Azerbaijan International Tour and the 3rd President International Tour in Iran. Wander what Ahmadinejad has to say about two women in charge of the men...

The brewer, the adventurous pragmatist and the war correspondent

My adventures in New York City and above...

(more to come)