5 mei 2010

waving your hair in Azerbaijan

We just  got used to our scarf, so it took us a while before we dared to take it off...it was scary. It was as if somebody all of a sudden decided that you shouldn't wear trousers any more. And they are already without, but you are still wearing them. And now they say:"take it off, you are allowed here".
You feel naked and it feels like everybody stares at you...

Now this last bit I believe was actually true because we did get some looks. But then again, we should be careful with 150 guys around us who had all seen us only with a head scarf and all of a sudden all their imaginations about what's underneath, are scattered in pieces. Because the truth is out.

This is all happening in this enormous 5 star hotel some 3 km's outside of Nigchivan, in Azerbaijan. Beatifull, and like a golden cage...we're not allowed to go out there.
Luckily we have a room with a view, and it is enormous....

The first views of this country were amazing. Beautiful mountain ranges, snowy peaks in the distance, spring flowers nearby. We drive with a big caravaan of tens of Iranian yellow cabs and green minivans to our hotel, some 40k's from the border. A helicopter is guiding us and the sirens of the police lead the way. In the town of Nagchivan, the people wave at you as if you were the president himself.

We left Iran for 1 day and 2 nights. Tomorrow we have a stage of 80 k's up a mountain and  back again. A short but a constant climb. We'll see a bit more of the countryside, but it will only be views. Thursday morning we go back to the Islamic Republic. Back over the bridge at the border, back to the scarf on our heads.

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