23 mei 2013

The Arctic Race 80 dg

The International Sailing Regatta Adventure Race 80dg is about to start!

From the 15th of June till the 28th of July I will be participating in this thrill seeking, culture diving adventure on a boat. From Saint Petersburg I will sail off with the Dutch sailing vessel, the Anne Margaretha to the North of Russia. We will sail through the lakes of Onega and Ladago to the city of Arkhangelsk. From there the adventure continuos even further up North till we almost hit the North Pole. We will visit islands full of wondrous buildings and ancient history, we will drink plenty of vodka with the other eight ships that join the regatta and we will immerse ourselves in this intriguing Russian culture experienced from the sea.

I will try to post an update every now and then to keep you up on my adventures. They start next monday on a two day train ride to Saint Petersburg but  might have difficulties updating while on the icy 'white sea' in July on our way to the Fransz Josef Islands all up in the North (that's where the 80dg, which means 80 degrees, comes from).
In the meantime you can visit the website of the boat I'm on:
Anne Margaretha
or the organisation of the race:
Rus Arc

that's it for now. I'll keep you posted!