7 juli 2013

The Adventure Race part two

The first stage of our "Adventure Race" has ended. From many boats the crews are changed and the boats are filled again with groceries, new guest, diesel and water. Daniil, the big organizer from the yacht Piotr I tries to organize everything for all the boats. There are some Russian students standing on the quay that are willing to give us a help translating or to go shopping with us and help us carry the 20 bags full of food we have to get. They are quite surprised when we take all the milk packages that are on the shelves and leave none for the other customers. No more milk, no more juice, no more toilet paper, it's all on the Anne Margaretha.

The water we get from the restaurant next to us. The yellow hose coming from the kitchen look promising, but when we turn on the tap, it comes out drop by drop. That's gonna take a long time before we have 2000 liters of water. I guess we'll just have to skip some showers...who needs a shower anyways when you're on your way to the Arctic?

At first the diesel would come at night. Why it would come by night nobody knew, and whether it would come by boat or by truck was also not known. We call it the Russian style; everything is possible, let's keep all options open. Around 10 o'clock a van arrived on the quay. The back of the van was a bit low to the ground and it seemed quite heavy loaded. The chauffeur got out and opened the back and indeed, it was the diesel truck! In the back of his truck there were two 1000-liter containers full of diesel. With the conditions of the roads in this country, I am happy I don't have to drive that car around filled with fuel.
Anyways, the Anne Margaretha took all the diesel and the other boats had to wait for the second round and share it between 8 boats. It's a matter of big diesel tanks versus small diesel tanks, and the big boats versus small boats.

According to the weather forecast there's no ice on our route for now, we are filled up with food, we are fueled up with diesel and we just have to be sparse on water.  Franz Josef, we are on our way! Up North to the polar bears, the walrus, the snow and ice.

More adventures to come in a few weeks time.

And I uploaded new pictures! check the link on the right.

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